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Armenia observes a total of 15 national holidays as per its official calendar. However, it's not uncommon for Armenians to enjoy up to 18 or more national holidays annually, depending on government announcements regarding one-time non-working holidays.

Armenia, being a traditionally Orthodox Christian country, follows the Orthodox calendar for celebrating religious holidays, which may differ from the dates observed by other Christian denominations. It's worth noting that Armenia doesn't designate national holidays for Easter. Still, the government often announces just before Easter that Easter Monday will be recognized as a holiday for that particular year.

Additionally, the Armenian government occasionally declares one-time holidays to create long weekends when a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, allowing for a four-day celebration. In such cases, the government may stipulate that the missed workday should be compensated with a Saturday workday.

The regulation of public holidays in Armenia is governed by Article 117 of the Republic of Armenia's Constitution. This article specifies the official holidays and grants the government the authority to designate additional dates. Whether Armenians receive payment from their employers for holidays is not universally known.

It's noteworthy that Armenia observes an extended New Year and Christmas celebration, aligning with their official recognition of Christmas. During this period, employers and government offices often remain closed. Employees required to work during this time may receive premium pay for their services or be entitled to days off as stipulated in their employment contracts.